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yellow labs
yellow labs

1 Derry Hill Rd.
Acworth, NH 03601
603 477-9373

*Multi-colored Litter Available*
*Yellow Litter Available*
Accepting Deposits NOW!
(This is not a guarantee, timing depends on health and Exact Timing of Heat Cycles.)

Please see Deposit info on upcoming litters under the chart.

Labrador Pedigrees available upon request!

Click on the Labrador Name and it will bring you to the Page to find the adults.
~ Past Labrador puppies are pictured under the charts!~
Breeding in...
Expected Ready
We require a $200 NON-REFUNDABLE deposit on
standard puppies to reserve your pick of the pup.
All deposits are on a first come first serve basis.  To make a
deposit, please click the
Buy Now button.  Please be sure to add a note about Color
and Sex preferred.
(There is also a $3.30 charge / $100 for using paypal)
yellow labs
Miya's Past Yellow, Chocolate, and Black
Labrador Puppies
Snowy's Past Yellow Labrador Puppies
Ally's Past Black Labrador Puppies
yellow labs
Heidi's Past Labrador Puppies
Cassie's Past Yellow and Fox Red Labrador Puppies
Sage's Past Light Yellow Labrador Puppies
Ivy's Past Litter Pictures
We no longer check OFA status or Register with AKC
in order to save new families money.  We will
continue to breed only the Labradors that we know
are healthy and safe to breed.

1 Derry Hill Rd.
Acworth, NH 03601