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We are Labrador Breeders in Acworth, NH.  

We are breeding Labs for temperament, compatibility, companionship,  and of course for the love of the

We have many labs, two black females, one yellow male, one white female, and one chocolate female.  We
also have  a silver male, four silver females, and three charcoal females .  Our dogs are part of our family,
they live in the house with us.  Steal the furniture, sleep in our beds, sit on and warm our feet, eat our food
if they get the chance, and get all of our free time.  

We began this business, because we love labs.  They are warm and loving creatures, that will be your best
friend till the end.  We decided on Labs, because we have young children and we wanted a gentle, kid
friendly animal that our children would be safe with.  Our dogs and puppies are well socialized by our
children and are very good with people of all ages.  


In May of 2003, we decided to adopt a puppy.  We decided we wanted a Labrador Retriever because of
their temperament towards people and children, companionship, and beauty.  We found a Labrador
breeder and placed a deposit for an upcoming litter.  We picked our lab pup around the end of June 2003
and decided her name would be Miya.  We brought her home and watched her grow into a beautiful,
friendly, healthy young Labrador dog.  About a year later we decided we wanted to breed her.  She was
great with our children, she protected our family, and she was a beautiful black English style female

We started looking for a Yellow Labrador Retriever Male, and in late November of 2004, found a big 3
month old handsome yellow boy, and named him Max, but also got another Black Female, an American
Style Labrador, pretty little girl, and named her Ally.   We thought we were satisfied with our new
companions, so we waited and watched them grow.

They were all very good together and grew very fast!  Miya became the boss of the house and started
teaching all the puppies how to behave.  

In July of 2005, we decided we wanted a yellow female to add to our family.  We found the white colored
yellow Labs very appealing and brought one home, she was later named Snowy (for her color).

Two of our females were old enough to breed in the Fall of 2005.  We produced our first two litters of Lab
pups in January and February of 2006.  Ally produced 9 beautiful black Labrador pups on January 5, 2006,
all were very healthy and Ally was a very good mother to each and every one of them.  Meanwhile, on
February 10, 2006, Miya also produced 9 healthy Labrador pups, seven black labs, and two were very light
yellow Lab pups.  Miya was a very good mother also, a very confident and independent care giver for
each and every one of her 9 beautiful pups.  We were so proud of our two wonderful mama dogs!!

At some point in the 3 years of adopting our Miya and producing our first two Labrador litters, we decided
we wanted to become responsible hobby breeders.  We began to look for more pups to add to our family
and within a few months we had brought nine pups into our home to be part of our two and four legged

Now in 2009 we have a total of fourteen Labrador Retrievers ranging from 3 months to 7 years old.

We have been inspected by the
American Kennel Club and are in Compliance.  We have learned a lot
about breeding and health of the dogs and pups, we have a very close relationship with our local Vet,
Jolyn Johnson, from Wendell Vet Clinic, and a good relationship with many of our Labrador puppies' new
families.  Please view our
Past Litters Pages for more info.

We breed to improve the bloodlines, and our main concern is that our Labrador pups go to good, loving
homes, that are looking for a pet for the family and for companionship.  We pride ourselves on producing
Quality Labrador Puppies while making sure we only breed parents with OFA Certified or OFA Prelim'd
In 2008 & 2009 we are/have been keeping puppies from our litters in order to breed out lines and expand
our breeding possibilities.

Please enjoy Viewing our Family and come back any time for updates!
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1 Derry Hill Rd.
Acworth, NH 03601